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Have you seen the Clubhouse lately?  It has a fresh coat of paint, courtesy of Liz Matoza.  THANKS LIZ ! ! ! !

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 Sept 14 - 17
 Buster McClaury Clinic 831 457-2224  Bonnie   
 Sept 19, 6:30pm
 Member Meeting & Ice Cream Social
with Equine Chiropractor Marvin G Anderson Jr DC
 Sept 21-24
 CSHA Trail Trial Statewide Competition 
   * * * All Facilities are RESERVED for this event * * *
408 348-9512  Heather  
 Sep 29-Oct 1
CAMP CUT LOOSE  (Update:   Dogs OK at this event) 831 338-8980  Robin
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New Members are always welcome at SCCHA!

Since 1945, the SCCHA has been a center for equestrian activities in and around Santa Cruz, California. Its colorful history includes many generations of horse enthusiasts competing in shows, clinics, blazing - maintaining - riding redwood and coastal trails, and all forms of equitation, while promoting quality care, education, and humane treatment of horses.

Home of the SCCHA has long been Graham Hill Showgrounds just north of Santa Cruz.

~ ~More about SCCHA & our History ~ ~

SCCHA Showgrounds Entrance is just north of the light on Sims Road.  

Showgrounds Entrance:                                    1251 Graham Hill Rd

Mailing Address:                                                  1145 Graham Hill Rd                      Santa Cruz CA 95060


Next Membership Meeting: 

Tuesday Sept 19, 6:30pm

Come on out to find out about Equine Chiropractic Therapy & enjoy our September Ice Cream Social

Guest Speaker:  

Equine Chiropractor Marvin G Anderson Jr DC


SCCHA is the home of the famed Fireworks Endurance Ride, an annual, sanctioned endurance ride through the redwoods to the ocean. Trails comprising this ride are spectacular and often rugged as horse & rider travel through and descend from the forested Santa Cruz Mountains towards expansive views of blue ocean north of Santa Cruz.

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