Santa Cruz County 

Horsemen's Association


Campground Closures & Other Important Notices

    10/15-10/17  Cow working/sorting Event   15 Paddocks Reserved for this Event

     11/20   Endurance workshop Event  30 Paddocks Reserved for this Event

     Effective 9/3 - Propane Campfires are temporarily Suspended until Further Notice!!! (During the Fire Season)

Key points regarding member guests:

(a)  An adult member may have up to 2 guests present with you to camp.  As always, you must have a horse with you to camp.

(b) Guest vehicles need a Guest Parking Permit placed in their windshield, available at the kiosk.

(c) All Guests sign a liability waiver upon entering the grounds, available at the kiosk. 

(d) Guest Fees:

•   Guests visiting for the day (not camping): $10

•   Guests Camping: $25/night/person (fee includes riding one horse), $15 each additional horse per night, $10/night (if you don't plan on riding a horse).   Youth camping under 18 (with or without riding a horse is $10/night)

•   Paying for your Guests:   You will receive an invoice for your guests.  Please pay via credit card before you come to the showgrounds.  You can forward the email invoice to your guest to pay via their credit card if you want, but ultimately the member is responsible for ensuring payment is complete.

(e)   MEMBERS ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR GUESTS following rules, paying fees, signing waivers, and displaying Guest Parking Permits immediately after entering the showgrounds. Failure of your guests to sign the liability waiver and display a guest parking pass may result in revocation of membership privileges.

Remember to bring your Key Card and Parking Pass.  Your parking pass is your authorization to be at the facility.  

PARKING PASS REMINDER:  Either Print the email you received with your membership activiation or print your Membership Card (within your membership profile) as your parking pass.  You can keep the parking pass in your glove box when not in use!.   You can view and print your Membership Card by clicking your name/ profile (after you login)  If you don't have a printer, it is ok just to hand write the information on a piece of paper. 

Reserving Stalls:

All stalls are first come/first serve. (You can always have well.)  If you feel a need to 'Reserve' a stall with your name/dates on the stall, you will be charged an additional fee of $15 per stall/night reserved.  Call Kathleen O'Neill (408) 590-3933 to see if this option is available for you.  The camp host would pick the stalls based on availability.  There are no gaurantees that a camp spot will be near where the stalls are reserved.

Covid-19:  Respect people's personal space.  Wear masks indoors if you haven't been vaccinated.  

Volunteers Needed:  Please remember this is a club of volunteers.  The club needs it's volunteers to keep operational.  The very small membership fees are due to expectations that club members volunteer throughout the year to help improve the facilities for all the club members and their guests. 

Read and Follow the Rules: Club and Membership Rules.pdf

Where to Camp:  Camp to the right of the entry road.  The generator area is marked and is along the Graham Hill side of the camp.  There are campsites all along the treelines.  (Don't camp along the Woodscove neighboring fence line by the clubhouse.)

Day use only parking is to the left of the entry road. (Please don't parking in the camping area.)

Click the Link below to Make your Reservation:

Once your reservation request is approved, you will receive a confirmation.  If your plans change or if you have questions,  please let us know at   If for some reason you don't get a reservation confirmation within a day or two after you made your reservation - please look at your spam mail - your email server may have redirected it there.

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