Santa Cruz County 

Horsemen's Association


Updated 1/2019

  • Assist members & guests at the showgrounds
  • Participate in Board of Director meetings, Board of Director decisions, and club planning activities
  • Promote and support SCCHA activities
  • Regularly volunteer to plan and/or assist at club events and club meetings
  • Participate in and/or lead committees
  • Ensure the Board is updated on committee work at monthly meetings
  • Facilitate compliance with club rules for the benefit of all members and showgrounds’ neighbors.
  • Support and assist other Board Members and caretaker in fulfilling their duties as needed
  • Ensure SCCHA operates in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Ensure Board Meeting discussions remain confidential, unless otherwise authorized by a vote of the Board of Directors, distributed via the club newsletter or published on the club’s website
  • Assist in the event of an emergency evacuation from or to the showgrounds
  • Fulfill duties as delegated by the President on a temporary basis
  • Correspond as directed by the Board or as needed.

Board Members, also known as Board Directors, are the bread and butter of SCCHA.  They do much of the work around the club and for events, although it is important that they bring in club members to work closely on all activities.  Because so much happens at and for the club, it can take a new member up to a year to get comfortable in fully participating.  Key requirements include the ability to work well with others, to lead when necessary as well as follow, and to spend the time necessary to get the jobs done.  This can be as little as 2-3 hours a month, and as much as 20 hours a week when organizing and leading an event.  A successful board member has good people skills, an active interest in one or more areas of club activity, a willingness to learn, and a good sense of humor.

You must be a member for a year before you can run for the Board of Directors.

Other Board Detail duties listed here:  ROLESandRESPOSIBILITIESafterretreatedit2020.pdf

SCCHA President

Updated 1/2019

Essential duties:

  • Fulfill all the duties of a Board Member
  • Lead monthly Board of Director and membership meetings
  • Prepare agenda for board & club meetings
  • Write monthly newsletter column
  • Oversee caretaker
  • Liaison with community members, media, state parks, government entities and Woods Cove Homeowners Association on behalf of SCCCHA (spokesperson)
  • Promote SCCHA activities and membership
  • Lead annual and long-term planning for SCCHA events and club activities
  • Designate and authorize committees as needed to address SCCHA needs
  • Ensure club rules are maintained
  • Ensure club operates in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Co-sign club payments (this duty cannot be delegated to the Treasurer)
  • Maintain a current emergency plan in the event of evacuation to or from the Showgrounds
  • Provide oversight and support to Board Members
  • Conduct annual Board of Directors election and provide orientation to new Board Members
  • Delegate any of the duties above to other Board members or the Past President on a temporary basis as needed
  • Delegate the all or part of the duties of any Board Member or the Caretaker on a temporary basis as needed
  • Correspond as needed

    The President is the club glue.  S/He has the 35,000 ft view of all the happenings, and makes sure that all work is coordinated.  It is important that the President has great people skills, can act as a mediator, can crack the whip when necessary, and has time to do all the above.  The President also serves, with help from the board, as the club conscience: someone who understands why things are done the way they are, what is changeable, and what must go through a process before being changed.

    This job can take as little as a couple hours a week and as much as 8 hours a week or more.  It’s success rests on good coordination and delegation, as well as attention to detail, calmness, and a sense of humor.

    SCCHA Treasurer

    Updated 1/2019

    Essential duties:

    • Fulfill all the duties of a board member
    • Maintain complete financial records related to all club activities
    • Process club receipts (dues, fees, donations, refunds, online payments, etc) in a timely manner
    • Maintain club banking accounts and complete banking records, reconciling the accounts monthly
    • Issue payments promptly as needed for club expenses and meet with president to co-sign checks.
    • File all tax and legal documents necessary to keep the club in good standing with the IRS, Franchise Tax board and California State Attorney General
    • Provide monthly and quarterly P&L statements and Treasurer’s report to the board
    • Maintain club membership in CSHA and other affiliated groups as authorized by the board
    • Document and update procedures as needed for a backup person, and for a smooth transition to any future treasurer. All financial records will be transferred to any new treasurer within 30 days
    • Maintain annual contracts and payments for lease, insurance, gate software, web fees and other reoccurring services and payments
    • Pick up mail and distribute as necessary
    • Work with president on back-up coverage for extended vacations and illnesses
    • Work with event coordinators to ensure adequate financial records for events are kept
    • Share timely detailed financial information with board members, upon request

    The Treasurer position requires about 2-4 hours a week to perform ongoing tasks + an additional 2 days of time at the beginning of the year to balance the books, compile the receipts and information needed to prepare the tax information for filing with the IRS, FTB and State Attorney General. There is also a monthly required meeting with the board.

    The Treasurer must be proficient with Quickbooks, Microsoft office and similar software. The Treasurer is responsible to keep accurate books, balance the checkbook, and supply monthly P&L statements for the board. The position also requires good bookkeeping skills for auditing purposes, being able to provide documented proof as necessary for any audit concerns by the Attorney General, IRS or Franchise Tax Board.

    A person can be Treasurer without any professional experience in the above areas, but such experience is preferred.

    SCCHA Recording Secretary

    Updated 1/2019

    Essential Duties:

    • Fulfill all the duties of a Board Member
    • Record a summary of Board meetings and all Board decisions (aka “minutes”)
    • Distribute minutes to the Board of Directors in timely manner, in advance of each meeting
    • Ensure minutes are amended as needed per Board Members
    • Ensure minutes of the prior meeting are approved by the Board of Directors
    • Maintain a file of all approved minutes for the current and prior 7 years
    • Maintain a record of all general membership votes, such as the annual election
    • Facilitate parliamentary procedures as needed to fulfill the duties outlined above
    • Document and update procedures for each of the duties described above

    The Recording Secretary is the keeper of club questions, discussions, decisions, events, as discussed in the board meetings.  S/he must be able to keep accurate notes and present them back to the board for approval.  Minimum time requirement is 2+ hours during board meetings and 1 -3 hours to present them and correct any errors.

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