Santa Cruz County 

Horsemen's Association


Effective 9/3 - Propane Campfires are temporarily Suspended until Further Notice!!! (During the Fire Season)

In order to use a Firepit on SCCHA Grounds, adult members are allowed to only use Portable LPG/Propane Firepits with the following requirements:

1.     SCCHA does not allow charcoal or wood burning fires of any kind.  Portable Propane Firepits only, no exceptions.
2.     All adult members using a propane firepit, must be present and assume the responsibility associated with a potential fire. 
3.     Firepit must be placed on an RV mat and must be situated no closer than 15 feet to any structure, including trees.  (i.e. in the open area, outside the wooded trees.)
4.     The area where the firepit is located is to be free of combustible material such as dry grass or fallen leaves.    
5.     Adult Member ensures a Portable Fire Extinguisher (minimum 2A10BC), bucket of water, hose, or bucket of dirt or sand is readily available.
6.     When Cal Fire announces high fire risks, adult member must follow the precautions established by the Fire Marshal.
7.     Member will extinguish the firepit immediately if asked by a Scotts Valley Fireperson, a SCCHA Board of Director or the SCCHA caretaker. 
8.     SCCHA reserves the right to restrict propane fire pits during specific events  i.e. fireworks or certain times of the year.
9.     Members must use their own propane tanks. 

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