Santa Cruz County 

Horsemen's Association

2022 Newsletters

January 2022 - Rainy day ideas, Eight ways to go through a gate, upcoming events and more Newsletter January2022.pdf

February 2022 -  Run for the board!  Update on trails, A Guide to Domestic Horse Enrichment Newsletter February2022.pdf

March 2022 - A tribute to Whisky; Horses, obstacles, and fun! Book review:  Sacred Spaces, Buffalo Soldiers Newsletter March2022.pdf

April 2022 - Mounted Assistance Unit call for volunteers, San Vicente trails construction to begin soon, Fun with obstacles in hand  Newsletter April2022.pdf

May 2022 - Insight into Obstacle Fun Days, Article by Warwick Schiller Listening to your Horse, Forest Connection Newsletter May2022.pdf

June 2022 - Announcing our new Showgrounds Caretakers/Hosts, Reimagining Big Basin, Beyond Natural Horsemanship - pieces of the puzzle, Being Mindful In and Out of the Saddle, Ringo and Hero, Report on Obstacle Fun Day  Newsletter June 2022.pdf

July 2022 -  Remembering Jerry Dowdy,  Report on Obstacle Fun Day (!), Utah Red Rock Ride roadtrip, Devil's Gulch horse camp at Pt Reyes revealed Newsletter July2022.pdf

August 2022 -   Fireworks 2022 reports from Ride Manager Laura and rider Karen, Remembering Kenneth Coale, Suspension bridge built and delivered Newsletter August2022.pdf

September 2022 - Hot weather tips for horses, Thru rider Gillian Larsen's adventures, Success with Cezur  Newsletter September2022.pdf

2021 Newsletters

January 2021 -  RAASH roundup: first person accounts and interviews, the inside scoop on hay Newsletter Jan 2021.pdf

February 2021 - Trial by Fire and Flood (more evacuations); Showgrounds update; Mud Management, Winter Cold and Colic tips Feb 2021 Newsletter.pdf

March 2021 -  Announcing RAASH2, elections coming up, updates on the Showgrounds and request for input from Juniors Newsletter March 2021.pdf

April 2021 - PG&&E updates, RAASH2, Field Committee reports on trail course and trotting track Newsletter April 2021.pdf

May 2021 - PG&E (continued : (), Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC) becomes Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship (SCMTS) - what it means to us, water at Cowell Observation Deck, and a tribute to our equine partners  Newsletter May 2021.pdf

June 2021 - Politics of poop, Membership meeting summary of discussion with SCMTS, Upcoming Events, Trimming with Kindness, Bass Reeves Tamer of the Wild West  Newsletter June 2021.pdf

July 2021 - Many upcoming events! , RAASH2 results, Pacific Crest Trials, Update on water dispenser at Observation Deck,  BLM plan for Cotoni Coast Dairies Approved, Happenings at the Showgrounds  Newsletter July2021.pdf

August 2021 -  Obstacle Clinic report, A look back at the first Fireworks Endurance Ride, Updates on trail repairs (!), photos from Back on Track, a report on Bay Area Savvy Players Camp  Newsletter Aug2021.pdf

Sept 2021 -  Reports on Obstacle Challenge and Fireworks Endurance Ride (busy month!).  Recognizing Fear Threshold in horses,  Do Horses have Thicker Skin than Humans? September2021 Newsletter.pdf

Oct 2021 -  Equine Coronavirus, Amazing Z Maze tips (obstacles), Equine enrichment, Cotoni-Coast guided hikes, Help update the mission statement!  Newsletter October2021.pdf

Nov 2021 - Five reasons to be thankful for your horse, Coast Road Quarantine report, Overcoming gate anxiety,  Divine Equine Assisted Therapy Center Newsletter November2021.pdf

Dec 2021 - Healing with horses, Fall endurance clinic report, EMMP is proposing to raise drug testing fees  Newsletter December2021.pdf

2020 Newsletters

  January 2020 - Sabra's story, Member Profile Larry DeYoung, Survey results Jan 2020 Newsletter.pdf

February 2020 - Member Profile on Linda Peters, NATRC overview, April and the Farrier SCCHA Newsletter Feb 2020.pdf

March 2020 - Introduction to Falconry, Robin's Story,  An Old Horse's Dream,  The Future of Horses

 SCCHA Newsletter March 2020.pdf

April 2020 - Trail Use amid Covid-19, Shelter-In-Place Obstacles, Interview:  Equine Dentist  SCCHA Newsletter April 2020.pdf

May 2020 - Coping with Covid-19, Yankee Doodle Poodle Noodles, Riding and Serving while SIP, SCCHA Newsletter May 2020.pdf

June 2020 - Beasts of Being,  Teeter Tottering, Book Corner   Newsletter June 2020.pdf

July 2020 - Fists Up Heels Down: Riding for Black Lives Matter,  Grounds Volunteer Brigade, Miller and the Body Worker, Book Review Corner  SCCHA Newsletter July 2020.pdf

August 2020 - Trail Safety, Fire Preparedness, Important Updates, Members Corral Newsletter Aug 2020.pdf

September 2020 - Thank you to our Amazing Community (stories from the CZU Fire) Sep 2020 SCCHA Newsletter.pdf

October 2020 - Activation/Evacuation, The Inside-Out Town, @*!? 2020, East Glenwood opens, Gratitude for Aromas Newsletter Oct 2020.pdf

November 2020 - Gratitude for Equestrians, Virtual Tevis, Zoom Membership Mtg., RAASH Ride, Obstacle Challenge, ,Trails Update  SCCHA Newsletter Nov 2020.pdf

2019 Newsletters

Q1 2019 - Reflections on 2018 and calendar for 2019 Q1-2019Newsletter.pdf

May 2019 - Equine trails in MidPen Openspace, Workday Re-cap + photos  May 2019SCCHANewsletter.pdf

June 2019 - New Trail in Wilder, Fireworks Ride story, Lichen Oaks, photos from Ride for Relay June 2019 SCCHA Newsletter.pdf

July 2019 - Gentling the Wild Ones, Barefoot  July 2019 News.pdf

August 2019 - Relationship Based Horsemanship Journey, Fireworks Recap, Pony Club D Camp   August2019News.pdf

September 2019 - Backstretch Equine Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Retirement; All about Flies, Membership meeting report featuring Ben Blom of BLM Sept 2019 Newsletter.pdf

October 2019 - New trails, Battle of the Barns, Obstacle Challenge, and What's Next?  Oct 2019.pdf

November 2019 - Gastric Acid in your equine, all you need to know; Rescue Horse spotlight; TrailVision Awards SCCHA News Nov 2019.pdf

2018 Newsletters

Q1 2018 - Holiday party wrap up + photos, priorities for 2018  Q1-2018.pdf

Q2 2018 - Welcome to the new board, Trailer checks for safety, Economic impact of horse industry  Q2-2018.pdf

August 2018 - Felton Large Animal Rescue, Fireworks wrap up, impact of work day - thanks to volunteers!                                     August 2018 Newsletter.pdf

October 2018 -  celebrating Karen Keener, membership survey, Wilderness Patrol, Buster McLaury clinic report      Oct2018 Newsletter.pdf

November 2018 -    Santa Clara Valley open space preserves (new place to ride?!), horse shopping 101, Battle of the Barns results, Jack Brook trail update  Nov 2018 Newsletter.pdf

2017 Newsletters

January 2017 - planning for 2017 and Robin becomes Chief Gopher Getter   Jan2017.pdf

February 2017 - thanks from LOARC!    Feb2017.pdf

March 2017 - Robin's final message as President, cleaning up after the storm and elections  March2017.pdf

April 2017 - Welcoming new board, cleaning up after the storms, Open House and remembering Thad Fenton  April2017.pdf

May 2017 - clinicians and horse camping tips  May2017.pdf

June 2017  - scholarship program and Ride for Relay wrap up June2017.pdf

July 2017 - name the horse sculpture, spring time accomplishments  July2017.pdf

August 2017 - Fireworks Wrap up, Multi Use Trail and trail planning   August2017.pdf

September 2017 - THX to Fireworks management, award winning logo inspired by the Showgrounds,                                Claudia's editor's desk Sept2017.pdf

October 2017 - CSHA Trail Trials wrap up, Iron and IR/PPID  Oct2017.pdf

Final 2017 - Camp Cut Loose, wildland fire safety, Lessons from the heart Claudia and Silhouette  Final2017.pdf

2016 Newsletters

July 2016 - obstacle competition benefits LOARC, preparing for fires, historic photos of the Showgrounds, congrats to scholarship winners  July2016.pdf

August 2016 - beginning the Camp Cut Loose tradition, Caring for your Horse in hot weather  Aug2016.pdf

September 2016 - Upgrades to Rancho Del Oso, Announcing our new website, Robin's reflections on growing up with horses Sept2016.pdf

October 2016 - photos from Camp Cut Loose, gratitude to volunteers, kudos to Equine Evac for leadership in Loma      fire Oct2016.pdf

November 2016 - appreciating Julie Suhr, photos from Buster McLaury's clinic, MBOSC liason update  Nov2016.pdf

Pre 2016 Newsletters

January 2015 - 2014 in review (SO MUCH HAPPENED!), PPID, thanks to long time SCCHA members the Richmonds Jan2015SCCHA-Newsletter.pdf

April 2014  - "babysitter horses" vignette from ACTHA, new board elected, work day results and photos, tribute to Crystal Ward Apr2014SCCHAnewsletter.pdf

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