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Santa Cruz County 

Horsemen's Association

Equine Evac is preparing for future activations.........

In order to be prepared for the future with appropriate trailers and emergency housing locations, please enter your possible ranch/animal needs.  Information will be kept confidential by the Equine Evac organization.

Santa Cruz County Equine Evac Ranch Info google doc

Be Prepared.  Review the Evacuation Guide.

Click here for a detailed Evacuation Guide. 

If you have evacuation Orders:

Santa Cruz Large Animal Evacuation: Call 911, 831-454-7200, or 831-471-1182 https://www.equineevac.org/index.shtml

Santa Clara County:  Call Animal Services at 408-686-3900

Previously Used Evacuation Locations: Santa Cruz Fairgrounds in Watsonville

Please email santacruzhorsemens@gmail.com with requests/needs/offers. 

You can also post on the Santa Cruz County Horsemen's Association facebook page to research and request help directly. 

Donations for Animals and Long-Term Care at the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds

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Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Foundation — Donate Today to Help Santa...

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