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SCCHA Club Membership Rules

The Showgrounds is intended for members' activities with horses. Members should have horses with them when using the facilities unless they are attending a club meeting, other event or volunteering. These exceptions apply: parents or others supervising juniors with horses; individuals in a family membership who accompany family members with horses; trainers or horse care professionals helping clients with their horses (trainers, horse care professionals and their clients must be members).

Camping is exclusively for members and guests who wish to remain overnight with their horses.

All members, guests, and group/event participants are to comply with SCCHA rules as stated in this document. Members and group/event leaders are responsible for the actions of accompanying participants. The SCCHA Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke membership (without refund) and/or deny entrance to Showgrounds if any person or group/event does not comply with these rules. The Caretaker has the authority to ask guests not abiding by the Dog on Leash Rule to leave the grounds immediately. In case of a dispute, members may contact the Board of Directors to interpret a rule or arbitrate dispute. Rules will be enforced as follows:

1st offense:  Board of Directors is notified; offender receives a copy of this document with precise rule circled.

2nd offense: Offender must appear before the Board of Directors or lose all rights to use of Showgrounds.

3rd offense:   Offender loses all membership privileges and all rights to use of Showgrounds.

These offenses are cause for immediate loss of membership and expulsion from grounds:






1. MEMBERSHIP The membership year runs April 1 through March 31.

◆   Single Membership authorizes only the individual listed on his/her application to use the Showgrounds.

◆  Family Membership is limited to 2 adults and dependents under 21 residing in a single household. Only those whose names are listed on the membership application are considered members. Children under 18 must be supervised at all times by an adult member.

◆  Junior Membership authorizes only the individual junior member (under 18 years of age) listed on his/her application to use the Showgrounds when accompanied by an adult member.


Cardkeys are purchased by NEW Single & Family memberships and function as long as their membership is kept current. They provide access through the front gate, to bathrooms and showers. To open entry gate, put cardkey right up to scanner [to the left of the entry gate approach] to trigger the gate opener. Gate opens automatically upon exit. Do not loan cardkeys to anyone or leave cardkey by front gate for use by others.


MEMBERS: Parking Permits are valid through the membership year. Parking Permit stickers must be placed on the passenger side corner of a vehicle's front window and be visible at all times while at the Showgrounds. Family Memberships who wish to request an extra Parking Permit should contact the Membership Secretary, Heather Shupe, at 408 348-9512.

GUESTS: All Guest vehicles must have a temporary Guest Parking Pass placed on their dashboard immediately after entering the Showgrounds. (See below.) Unidentified vehicles may be towed at owner's expense. 


(a)   Anyone accompanying a Member to the Showgrounds who is not listed on the member's application form is a GUEST. An adult member may have up to 2 guests when at the showgrounds. Guest vehicles or motorhomes need a Guest Parking Pass placed in their windshield. It is a member’s responsibility to make sure their guest knows and follows all of SCCHA’s Rules.

Guests visiting for the day: each guest must sign a liability waiver upon entry to the grounds. Any guest involved in any horse activity or remains on the grounds for more than one hour must pay a day use fee of $10 and sign the waiver of liability.

Guests staying overnight: each guest staying overnight must pay an overnight horse camping fee of $10 per person and $15 per horse per night and sign the waiver of liability. (Overnight guests do not pay day use fee.)

Remit fees and waiver: make checks payable to SCCHA; cash is acceptable. Completed forms and fees must be deposited at the camping area bulletin board (kiosk) where indicated immediately upon arrival at the showgrounds.

Guests found with dog(s) off leash will be asked to leave the grounds immediately.

(b)   MEMBERS ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR GUESTS following rules, paying fees, signing waivers, and displaying Guest Parking Passes immediately after entering the showgrounds. Failure of guest to sign waiver may result in revocation of HOST’s membership privileges.


1.  Any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted on the grounds and will be expelled. INTOXICATION WHILE ON GROUNDS MAY CAUSE IMMEDIATE LOSS OF MEMBERSHIP

2.  Any inhumane gear or actions toward animals on the grounds is cause for immediate dismissal.

3.  Jumping requires approved hard hats, with chin strap in place and appropriate saddle. Junior hard hats must be ASTM/SEI approved. Cross-country jumps may be used by juniors when supervised.

4.  If there is no scheduled event in an arena, it may be used on first- come first-serve basis, with 30-minute limit if others are waiting.

5. Damage to SCCHA property or Showgrounds must be reported immediately to a Director or Caretaker.

6.  Dogs must be on leash at all time, no exceptions. Any guests who comes with (a) dog(s) off leash will be asked to leave immediately. Members with dog(s) off leash, or hosting guests with dog(s) off leash risk losing their membership. A “dog on leash” is defined as a dog safely attached to a leash with a handler or securely tied on the other end. Please keep dogs out of arenas.

7.  No cutting of any trees or wood on the grounds.

8.  No smoking.

9.  No locking or reserving paddocks without scheduling and paying for paddocks with the Calendar Secretary.

10. No off-highway motorized vehicles.

11. Be extremely fire conscious. Only Charcoal or propane fires may be used for cooking purposes. No wood-burning fires or open fires at any time. Use only gas grills; the large, gas BBQ; or the Weber BBQ near the clubhouse (do not move it). All BBQ’s must be elevated off of the ground. No fire pits or outdoor campfires are permitted. All grills need a minimum of 10 feet of clearance from all flammable material (including tree limbs and dry leaves on the ground).

12. Whisper quiet generators may operate in the area along Graham Hill Road between 6 am and 10 pm. Please minimize their use. No water or electrical hookups to RVs.

13. Horses may not be left loose on the grounds. Turnout in large arena or round pen (if not in use). No turnout in small arena.

14. Horses must have full time, adult supervision. This includes horses that are left behind when others go on trail rides.

15. Don't run or trot horses in parking areas, campground, or around people on foot.

16. Bicycles must be walked through the grounds (for access into the park) on paved road only, away from horses.

17. Tie horses to hitching racks or trailers ONLY: DO NOT TIE to fences, arena panels or directly to trees.

18. Park cars, rigs or RVs at least 15 feet from the base of any tree. Do not park inside of the tie-rail or in front of equipment: obey signs.


Put cans and bottles in recycling bins or haul away. Pick up litter and deposit in trash container.

20. Manure and bedding must be cleaned from all paddocks and areas used and must be taken to the manure bunker; never scattered in the trees or elsewhere. Don’t muck out trailers in parking areas. Wheelbarrows and rakes are provided for your convenience.


1.  Members coming to camp overnight do NOT need to register UNLESS they host guest(s). Members camp free when they use paddocks on a first-come first-serve basis. Members with reservations (as part of a group reserving paddocks) pay a fee of$15 per night per horse. Guests pay horse camping fees (per item 4, GUESTS, above). 

2.  Camping is confined to the area north of the paved road (Cowell side) only.

3.  No overnight camping within 100 feet of the fence along the adjacent subdivision.

4.   No noise or lights after 10:00 p.m.

5.   Camping is limited to a maximum of 4 consecutive days, with a maximum stay of 14 days in any quarter. Quarters run: Jan 1- Mar 31, April 1-June 30, July 1-Sept. 30, Oct. 1- Dec. 31

6.   Paddock use is on a first-come first-serve basis. If you plan on camping, check the current newsletter, events calendar or web site ( to see if the grounds or any of the paddocks have been reserved for an event.


  1. Trainers & Horse Care Professionals must be SCCHA members in order to use the grounds to work with clients unless a clinic is scheduled and fees are paid. Horse Care Professionals include (but are not limited to) hoof care practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and masseurs.
  2. Trainers & Horse Care Professionals may NOT work with NON-MEMBERS or guests at the showgrounds. Those found working with non- member clients risk immediate loss of membership privileges.
  3. Trainers & Horse Care Professionals must follow each of the rules herein and trainers must also abide by rules in the SCCHA Trainer Policy (separate document). To comply with the club’s insurance mandates, trainers must submit a precisely worded certificate of insurance and must wait for confirmation of receipt and accuracy of certificate from the board prior to training at the showgrounds.
  4. Veterinarians have access to grounds to deliver care to a member’s horse, or to administer urgent care to any horse.


Any group activity held on the grounds must be scheduled through the SCCHA calendar secretary. See current newsletter for contact information. All participants of meetings, work days, groups and events must comply with all SCCHA rules. Group/event leaders are responsible for the actions of their participants. The grounds must be picked up during the event and thoroughly cleaned within 48 hours of the event.

PLEASE NOTE: There are only a few events each year that may interfere with an individual member's use of the showgrounds. If such an event is taking place when you arrive, you may not be able to use the grounds.

Check ahead!  Check the SCCHA  website

 ( and click on Events.

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