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Cancelled - Buster McLaury Clinic 2019 at SCCHA

  • 09/12/2019
  • 09/15/2019
  • Cancelled - check back for Clinic dates in 2020! QUESTIONS: Contact Bonnie Stoehn - bonnies@cruzio.com

Cancelled - check back for Clinic dates in 2020!

Buster McLaury
September 12-15th 2019 

Graham Hill Showgrounds -1145 Graham Hill Rd., Santa Cruz, CA

The camaraderie and sense of community that evolves during this clinic is just magical. Buster seems to draw people to him who care deeply about good horsemanship and offering the horse the best. He’s interested in what each of us wants to learn and every question gets the attention it deserves. 

"Buster’s clinic format is reminiscent of Tom Dorrance’s: no pre-set exercises. He asks what problems people are experiencing, what they’re currently working on with their horses and what they’d like to learn/understand better. Hence, the curriculum is set in motion! We all benefit from Buster’s help, as a group and individually. Truly unique learning experience as Buster weaves each answer with his experience and knowledge."-Bonnie Stoehn, organizer

Back by popular demand, MECHANICAL COW! Courtesy of CowTrac.
The ultimate mechanical cow! Great for building your horse's confidence. 

CATTLE CLASS: (Thursday-Sunday: 8:00am-11:00AM, limit 12 riders)

For riders wanting to refine relationship with their horse through working cattle. Excellent opportunity for introducing your horse to cattle while building confidence. Those with more experience will appreciate Buster’s focus on how to ‘read’ cattle & how to position for accurate influence with as little stress as possible on the horses, cattle and riders. That’s how it’s supposed to be done!  For more info on this class, call Pierre Paquelier 408 242-2001 Cattle fee paid at clinic.


HORSEMANSHIP 1 CLASS (Thursday-Sunday: NOON-3:00pm)

Emphasis on good ground work to lay the foundation for good work under saddle. Learn to hone communication and solve problems before getting on the horse. Amount of riding depends on how solid that day’s progress is on the ground. Excellent class for all who want to improve handling their horse with ease and confidence! Fine for horses not under saddle. All questions/concerns welcome. 

HORSEMANSHIP 2 CLASS (Thursday-Sunday: 3:30pm-6:30pm) 

This class is designed to achieve a higher level of confidence and communication between horse and rider. Emphasis on the rider’s awareness of what the horse needs to do with his feet and balance in order to do what the rider has in mind. Absolutely essential to success in all disciplines whether in the arena or riding out.

COST: Each class (includes all 4 days) is $575. Deposit of $250 per class to sign up. Balance due by August 21st. Make check payable to Buster McLaury. Deposit non-refundable.

AUDITORS: Absolutely welcome! $30 per day. Seniors (over 65) $15 per day. No reservation, just show up and bring your own comfy chair. Plenty of parking available. No charge for: legal guardian of minor riding or children under 12 years old. DOGS: Okay only if well behaved and on leash at all times. Thank you.

FOOD: We’ll take food/sandwich orders in the morning and have them delivered from local deli by lunchtime. Also there is a convenience store just across the street. Bottled water available all day on site.

STABLING: Pipe-pens. Under beautiful oak shaded area. $25 per horse per night. No charge for SCCHA members. Camping free for all paid participants. Showers on site. I suggest you check out becoming a member. Not only free stabling for this clinic but free access to Showgrounds and camping all during the year. There are 40+ miles of equestrian trails from the Showgrounds that go through redwoods, chaparral, coastal prairie with breathtaking views of Monterey Bay.

To find out about SCCHA membershipCLICK HERE.   Bring your own feed/water buckets. Plenty of hoses on site.

ADDITIONAL INFOhttp://www.thinkinghorsemanship.com/buster-mclaury-clinic.php

QUESTIONS: email me, bonnies@cruzio.com I’ll send out additional info to those who sign up.

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