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Fall Endurance Riding Clinic

  • 11/20/2021
  • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • SCCHA Showgrounds - Join us to learn the inside scoop on how to compete in endurance! All day clinic will touch on all key points and will include a test drive in Henry Cowell. 30 pens reserved for this event


presented by SCCHA and QSER


9am - 4:30pm

UPDATE:  Thank you for your interest but registration is now closed.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about what it takes to compete in  25- or 50-mile endurance riding events? Join us for this fun and educational clinic to learn how to get started, or how to step up your game if you are new to the sport.

Whether you are a competitor at heart or are looking for a sport for your entire family, endurance riding has something for everyone. Endurance riding combines the opportunity of riding a challenging course with your equine partner and the fun and camaraderie of camping and socializing with a group of individuals who share your interests. The competition itself is just part of the fun of this family-oriented sport.

In this full day clinic, you will learn

  • How to condition and care for your equine partner
  • What the rules are at endurance events sanctioned by AERC
  • What happens on the day of the ride
  • Setting up a conditioning program
  • How to gauge your horse’s fitness and set goals
  • Tack and accessories to consider
  • Feeding and supplementation for the endurance athlete
  • How to pace your horse in an endurance ride

Your instructors for the day will be several very experienced endurance riders, who together, have thousands of miles of competitive experience in the sport. Through a combination of lecture and demonstration we will help you increase your knowledge and skills so that you can successfully complete many endurance rides with a healthy and happy horse. The day will include an opportunity to go out on the tail in Henry Cowell State Park and ride some of the beautiful tails through the redwoods in a small group while learning about pacing for an actual event.

Clinic registration ($50) includes lunch and one night of camping (optional).  Auditors welcome, $15 (no horse, no camping).  

Questions??  Need help?


Jill Kilty-Newburn   mail @knsfarms.com


Debbie Boscoe   debbieboscoe@gmail.com 

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