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Upcoming events

    • 03/02/2019
    • March 2019, exact date tbd. Contact Kathy Rodoni for more info and to sign up.

    Come learn a skill that can save someones' life!

    CPR/First Aid class taught by our local heroes at Felton Fire will be held in March 2019, exact date tbd.  

    Contact Kathy Rodoni to learn more or to sign up.  Cost $40.

    • 05/04/2019

    Ride for Relay 2019

    May 4

    A ton of fun for a good cause!  Come join the fight against cancer.  Questions?  Want to be a sponsor?  Contact Mary Sullivan-White 831-331-6227

    • 05/18/2019
    • 05/19/2019
    • Endurdance curious? Or interested in polishing your skills? This two day clinic in Harvey Bear Park, San Martin, is for you!

    2 day Endurance Clinic and Fun Rides

     May 18th and 19th,  2019

    Harvey Bear Park, San Martin, Ca. (near San Jose)

    Hosted by the Quicksilver Endurance Riders Club

    Welcome to the Second Harvey Bear 2-day Endurance Clinic for beginners and new riders!  Bring a horse or just yourself.  You can take part in the learning and camping experience, or enter one of the two fun rides on Sunday.   The whole weekend will be designed to emulate a real, live, endurance ride.  This includes arriving the day before, checking in, vetting in, a pot luck dinner, the ride meeting, and the next day there are 2 Introductory rides of different distances, complete with a vet check, the finish, awards, and a real live Best Condition judging.  This is not a race; it is a learning experience, so we will draw 3 horses at random from each ride to be judged for Best Condition.   When you leave this clinic you will be prepared to enter your first Endurance Ride, as soon as your horse is in shape!

    Click on this link to access complete details including directions, agenda, ride rules and an ENTRY FORM:  QSER clinic flier and entry final 11-8-18.docx

    • 05/31/2019
    • 06/02/2019
    • 1145 Graham Hill Road, Santa Cruz, CA


    More Details to Follow

    20 paddocks reserved

    both arenas reserved Saturday morning June 1

    for more info please contact Nicole Fisher at or call 831-239-3067

    • 06/08/2019
    • 06/09/2019

    Cow Clinic with Chris Ellsworth at SCCHA

    June 8th and 9th

    for more info please contact Sylvie Anacker

    • 06/12/2019
    • 06/16/2019
    • ALL PADDOCKS RESERVED June 14-16, 2019 for this event

    Contract Pending.   Tentative event info:

    • Wed June 12: Volunteers/event crew begin to arrive
    • Thur June 13: Volunteers/event crew set up for event


    • Fri June 14: Participants arrive, Check-in, optional trail rides, dinner Friday evening
    • Sat June 15:  Obstacle Event; trail rides, Poker games; BBQ dinner; Awards; Prize Corral
    • Sun Jun 16:  event ends, campers check out by 12 noon


    • 06/16/2019
    • 06/21/2019

    PVHC Kids Camp 

    Private Event at SCCHA

    contact Michelle LeClair for more info

    • 06/22/2019
    • 06/23/2019
    • big arena reserved

    Redwood Riders at SCCHA

    Big Arena reserved

    Contact Kathy Rodoni for more info

    • 07/13/2019
    • Showgrounds closed to all but competitors and volunteers from 7/11 noon to 7/14 noon

    The Fireworks Endurance Ride will be July 13th, 2019, with riders arriving beginning July 11th.  The campgrounds WILL BE CLOSED FROM JULY 11TH, NOON, THROUGH JULY 14TH, NOON.  This is a very big event/fundraiser for our club, and thank you for understanding.  If you'd like to help, please email Debbie Boscoe

    • 07/19/2019
    • 07/20/2019
    • Both Arenas reserved Fri-Sun + Clubhouse Kitchen

    This is an opportunity to camp and learn horsemanship and riding skills along with meeting other juniors that are members of Pony Club throughout California.

    • The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. started in 1954 to teach riding and the proper care of horses. It is based on The British Pony Club, which was created in 1929 as a junior branch of the Institute of the Horse. Since then, Pony Club has expanded to many countries around the world, with the main goal being to promote sportsmanship, stewardship and leadership through horsemanship.
    • What is in a name? Back in 1929, the term “pony” was used to describe the mount of a youth equestrian. With a name steeped in the tradition of educating the next generation of equestrians, the name Pony Club continues to focus on education and quality care of both horses and ponies.

    This camp has been an annual event for Santa Cruz Pony Club for over 50 years.  It is a fun a low key event with a one day show on Sunday. (Dressage/Jumping)

    Don't miss out on the fun!  Contact to make your reservation.  Participants must be members of United States Pony Club or SCCHA prior to registration and submission of camp entry. 

    For more info please contact Nicole Fisher at or call 831-239-3067

    • 08/24/2019
    • 08/25/2019
    • big arena reserved

    Redwood Riders at SCCHA

    Big Arena reserved

    Contact Kathy Rodoni for more info

    • 08/30/2019
    • 09/03/2019
    • Private event, Tri-Cities Horsemen's Camp Out

    Tri-Cities Horsemen's Association camp out at SCCHA Showgrounds!

    Friday 8/30 through Monday 9/2/2019

    20 paddocks requested by this group

    For more info please contact Marie at

    • 09/12/2019
    • 09/15/2019
    • The camaraderie and sense of community that evolves during this clinic is just magical. Come be part of the magic! Questions? contact Bonnie Stoehn

    Buster McLaury
    September 12-15th 2019 

    Graham Hill Showgrounds -1145 Graham Hill Rd., Santa Cruz, CA

    The camaraderie and sense of community that evolves during this clinic is just magical. Buster seems to draw people to him who care deeply about good horsemanship and offering the horse the best. He’s interested in what each of us wants to learn and every question gets the attention it deserves. 

    "Buster’s clinic format is reminiscent of Tom Dorrance’s: no pre-set exercises. He asks what problems people are experiencing, what they’re currently working on with their horses and what they’d like to learn/understand better. Hence, the curriculum is set in motion! We all benefit from Buster’s help, as a group and individually. Truly unique learning experience as Buster weaves each answer with his experience and knowledge."-Bonnie Stoehn, organizer

    Back by popular demand, MECHANICAL COW! Courtesy of CowTrac.
    The ultimate mechanical cow! Great for building your horse's confidence. 

    CATTLE CLASS: (Thursday-Sunday: 8:00am-11:00AM, limit 12 riders)

    For riders wanting to refine relationship with their horse through working cattle. Excellent opportunity for introducing your horse to cattle while building confidence. Those with more experience will appreciate Buster’s focus on how to ‘read’ cattle & how to position for accurate influence with as little stress as possible on the horses, cattle and riders. That’s how it’s supposed to be done!  For more info on this class, call Pierre Paquelier 408 242-2001 Cattle fee paid at clinic.

    LUNCH: 11:00AM-NOON

    HORSEMANSHIP 1 CLASS (Thursday-Sunday: NOON-3:00pm)

    Emphasis on good ground work to lay the foundation for good work under saddle. Learn to hone communication and solve problems before getting on the horse. Amount of riding depends on how solid that day’s progress is on the ground. Excellent class for all who want to improve handling their horse with ease and confidence! Fine for horses not under saddle. All questions/concerns welcome. 

    HORSEMANSHIP 2 CLASS (Thursday-Sunday: 3:30pm-6:30pm) 

    This class is designed to achieve a higher level of confidence and communication between horse and rider. Emphasis on the rider’s awareness of what the horse needs to do with his feet and balance in order to do what the rider has in mind. Absolutely essential to success in all disciplines whether in the arena or riding out.

    COST: info to be added later

    AUDITORS: Absolutely welcome! $30 per day. Seniors (over 65) $15 per day. No reservation, just show up and bring your own comfy chair. Plenty of parking available. No charge for: legal guardian of minor riding or children under 12 years old. DOGS: Okay only if well behaved and on leash at all times. Thank you.

    FOOD: We’ll take food/sandwich orders in the morning and have them delivered from local deli by lunchtime. Also there is a convenience store just across the street. Bottled water available all day on site.

    STABLING: Pipe-pens. Under beautiful oak shaded area. $25 per horse per night. No charge for SCCHA members. Camping free for all paid participants. Showers on site. I suggest you check out becoming a member. Not only free stabling for this clinic but free access to Showgrounds and camping all during the year. There are 40+ miles of equestrian trails from the Showgrounds that go through redwoods, chaparral, coastal prairie with breathtaking views of Monterey Bay.

    To find out about SCCHA membershipCLICK HERE.   Bring your own feed/water buckets. Plenty of hoses on site.


    QUESTIONS: email me, I’ll send out additional info to those who sign up.

    • 09/28/2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • Teams of 4 compete in various fun games to earn bragging rights..and cool prizes! Questions? contact

    The Battle of the Barns returns!

    Battle of the Barns ~ Saturday Sept. 28th 

    Event starts at 9:00am ~ Dinner and more after the games are over!



    GAMES COMPETITION Teams must compete in all events to eligible for the Grand Prize (except soccer).  Games include side-passing, relays at a walk trot and canter and ranch versatility skills. One soccer game included with entry, additional games $10 each per team.  Games for kids 13 and under between noon and 1pm ($5 each ~ pay to play on Saturday).

    contact Carol Kelley for more information

    • 10/25/2019
    • 10/27/2019
    • This is a great clinic to attend if you want your journey with your horse to flourish in any riding discipline. Three day clinic; two classes per day PLUS cattle!


     3 days:  October 25-27, 2019

    at SCCHA's Graham Hill Showgrounds

    Are you interested in helping you and your horse be a  better team?  Do you want to improve your understanding of horsemanship? This is a great clinic to attend if you want your journey with your horse to flourish in any riding discipline.  Ricky Quinn will help you improve  your communication skills with your horse. This helps build your horse's confidence and helps you both work best as a team.  There is always so much more to learn! Please join us to ride or audit this unique horsemanship clinic.  This will be  a great opportunity to watch and/or experience how to apply basic horsemanship skills in the environment of working with cattle. 

    Class offerings include Horsemanship 1 and Horsemanship 2 with Cattle.  There will be two classes each day(9:00 AM – Noon) with a lunch break before the afternoon session(1:30 – 4:30 PM).  Rain or shine.  


    Contact Lisa with any questions. 

    Lisa Boyer 831-359-3796 

    30 Paddocks and the Large Arena are reserved for this event

Past events

12/14/2018 SCCHA Juniors Holiday Party at SCCHA Clubhouse
12/13/2018 Cotoni-Coast Dairies public access workshop at Bonny Doon Elementary School
12/08/2018 Dig Day at Wilder Ranch State Park
12/06/2018 The Mountain Lions of the Santa Cruz Mountains - at Santa Cruz Bicycles
12/04/2018 Cotoni-Coast Dairies public access workshop at Louden Nelson
11/20/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
11/16/2018 TTouch for You and your Horse - 3 Day Clinic with Linda Tellington Jones in Gilroy CA
11/13/2018 Redwood Riders General Meeting at SCCHA
11/08/2018 Community Meeting on CEMEX DRAFT Restoration and Reuse Plan - in DAVENPORT
10/28/2018 Halloween Gymkhana at Boulder Creek Stables
10/27/2018 Remembering Karen - at SCCHA
10/21/2018 Diablo Foothills Open Weekends - 6280 Canada Rd., Gilroy
10/19/2018 Junior Meeting at SCCHA
10/16/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
10/13/2018 Woodside Day of the Horse
10/05/2018 Painted Horses Art Show at MichaelAngelo Gallery
09/21/2018 Sandi Parker Clinic - Principles to Purpose at SCCHA
09/18/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
09/10/2018 Carmel Area State Parks (CASP) General Info Meeting
09/03/2018 Bay Area Ridge Riders at SCCHA
08/25/2018 Redwood Riders at SCCHA
08/21/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month)
08/20/2018 Gymkhana Play Evening at SCCHA
08/11/2018 Ray Berta Horsemanship Clinic
07/19/2018 Bay Area Savvy Players
07/17/2018 No SCCHA MEMBER MEETING in July
07/07/2018 Clinic by Jec Ballou at LOARC
06/23/2018 Redwood Riders
06/19/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month)
06/17/2018 Junior Vaulting club
06/02/2018 Endurance 201 Clinic at Harvey Bear Park/QSER
06/02/2018 Pony Club "Tetrathlon Rally"
05/26/2018 Felton Remembers Parade
05/20/2018 Junior Program Introductory Meeting
05/20/2018 SCCHA WORK DAY #2
05/15/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month)
05/04/2018 Ride for Relay 2018
04/17/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month)
04/07/2018 Cancelled due to RAIN - SCCHA WORK DAY
03/17/2018 CANCELLED: Santa Cruz Obstacle Challenge & Clinic
02/17/2018 Santa Cruz Pony Club Meet
12/13/2017 Mounted Horse Patrol Holiday Party
12/10/2017 SCCHA Holiday Party
11/18/2017 Krista Koenig Clinic (Clinic date changed due to rain)
10/27/2017 Ricky Quinn Horsemanship Clinic
10/27/2017 CANCELLED: Vaquero Clinic with Jeff Sanders
10/11/2017 Mounted Horse Patrol Meeting
09/29/2017 CAMP CUT LOOSE
09/21/2017 CSHA Trail Trials Statewide Competition
09/14/2017 Buster McLaury Clinic
08/26/2017 Quicksilver Endurance Riders Trail Ride & Camping
08/26/2017 (copy) Redwood Riders
08/18/2017 TriCity Horsemens
08/09/2017 (copy) Mounted Horse Patrol Meeting
08/04/2017 LOS VIAJEROS
07/28/2017 PONY CLUB D-CAMP
07/20/2017 BAY AREA SAVAY
07/01/2017 SUMMIT RIDERS
06/24/2017 Redwood Riders
06/01/2017 Donate for "Horse Crazy" Sculpture
05/20/2017 Ride For Relay
05/06/2017 SCCHA Showgrounds Work Day
04/23/2017 Introduction to Endurance Riding Clinic
03/21/2017 SCCHA Member Meeting
03/15/2017 Volunteer for the Fireworks Ride!
12/15/2016 Horse Patrol Holiday Meeting
12/04/2016 SCCHA Holiday Party
11/15/2016 Membership Meeting
11/04/2016 Krista Koenig Clinic
10/29/2016 Santa Clara Horsemen's Association
10/18/2016 Membership Meeting
09/22/2016 Buster McClaury Clinic
09/16/2016 Camp Cut Loose
08/27/2016 August Membership Meeting
08/27/2016 Endurance 101 Clinic
08/05/2016 Bay Area Savvy Players
07/29/2016 Krista Koenig Clinic
06/25/2016 District 9 Gymkana
05/21/2016 May 21 Spring Clean up day CANCELLED
05/07/2016 Ride for Relay
04/23/2016 Spring Clean-up Workday at the Showgrounds April 23rd
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