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Upcoming events

    • 01/21/2020
    • 6:30 PM
    • Popcorn & Award Winning Video! Please join us to watch the Trail Vision people's choice video "Good Girl Gone Rad" and talk with the producer about working together on a video for next year! (more equestrian representation NEEDED!)

    SCCHA Member Meeting 6:30pm at the Clubhouse

    January 21, 2020


      Ximena Prugue, winner of the Trail Vision people's choice award will present her short video Good Girl Gone Rad.

      Ximena would like to work with us to produce a trail riding video for next year's award competition. After the video we will have a chance to exchange ideas with Ximena. 

      MORE...  Renew your membership at the meeting.  You'll save $ by getting the early renewal discount, and pick up your new parking sticker too.  FYI, the early renewal deal expires Feb 1st!!

        • 03/13/2020
        • 03/15/2020
        • BASP Spring tune up camp featuring instructor Devanee Cardinal, a former 3 star Parelli professional. Must be a member of BASP to participate - maybe a good reason to join now?!

        BASP Spring Natural Horsemanship Camp with special guest instructor, Devanee Cardinal from Valemount, BC. Devanee is a former 3 star Parelli professional coming from their horse development operation, Cardinal Ranch, in Canada. Devanee is a delightful and talented instructor, with lifelong knowledge of horses and horsemanship. This is the ranch where I purchased my extraordinary blue roan mare, Saphira “Blu”.  Devanee has many years of training and developing horses from start to finish. Come meet her, learn and join the fun!!

        Must be a BASP member to participate. If you’re not already a member & you like to join us, a BASP membership costs you $20/individual or $25/family.
        Contact: Cathy Gromer @ and write SPRING SAVVY in the headline!

        10 paddocks reserved

        • 04/23/2020
        • 04/26/2020
        • Buck is offering his Colt Class as well as his Horsemanship class...these are opportunities you won't want to miss! Auditors welcome

        COLT CLASS: (ALL DAY Thurs & 9:00-12:00 Fri-Sun) 

        Buck has his own riders start the colts. Some of the finest hands in the country! The colts get the best start possible. Owners not only observe everything that gets done with their colts but interact with "their rider" throughout the process and questions answered by Buck. Rare opportunity for auditors to witness youngsters getting their first rides. Education, not force and violence. Doesn't get any better than this!

        HORSEMANSHIP CLASS: (Fri-SuN 1:30-4:30) 

        Under saddle class emphasizing classical and vaquero traditions. Guiding your horse becomes a dance of lightness, willingness and precision. All levels welcome.

        Total cost for each class series $750. Pre-registration and non-refundable deposit required. Click here for details on signing up.

        AUDITORS: *$30/day. No Pre-registration. Pay at venue. Seating area:  Bleachers or bring your own chair.  Umbrella recommended for sun/rain. Well behaved dogs on leash ok. NO BARKING!      

        *Seniors 65 and over and children under 12, no charge.    

        CLINIC SPONSOR: Bonnie Stoehn -

        • 05/03/2020
        • 05/24/2020
        • 3 sessions
        • SCCHA Graham Hill Showgrounds, 1145 Graham Hill Road Santa Cruz

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      Past events

      01/04/2020 2020 Kickoff of Junior Program
      12/08/2019 SCCHA HOLIDAY PARTY!!!
      12/03/2019 Redwood Riders Board meeting
      11/19/2019 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
      11/05/2019 Redwood Riders Board meeting
      10/26/2019 Gallopin' Goblin Poker Ride and Costume Contest in GILROY hosted by San Martin Horsemen's Assn.
      10/25/2019 Ricky Quinn Horsemanship Clinic MOVED TO GILROY (where the cows are!)
      10/19/2019 Back Country Horsemen
      10/15/2019 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
      10/01/2019 Redwood Riders Board meeting
      09/28/2019 Battle of the Barns at SCCHA
      09/17/2019 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
      09/12/2019 Cancelled - Buster McLaury Clinic 2019 at SCCHA
      09/10/2019 Redwood Riders Board meeting
      09/06/2019 Three day Horse Harmony Advancing Horsemanship Camp
      08/31/2019 Santa Cruz Obstacle Challenge at SCCHA
      08/30/2019 Tri-Cities Horsemen's Association at SCCHA
      08/25/2019 Saddle Fitting Clinic at the Showgrounds hosted by Elisabet Hiatt
      08/24/2019 Redwood Riders at SCCHA
      08/20/2019 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
      08/11/2019 Summit Riders Schooling Show - at 24705 Miller Hill Rd., Los Gatos
      08/10/2019 Ray Berta Horsemanship Clinic at SCCHA
      08/06/2019 Redwood Riders Board meeting
      08/03/2019 Ranch Horse Versatility Clinic and Show hosted by SMCHA at the Horse Park in Woodside
      07/25/2019 Bay Area Savvy Players
      07/24/2019 Horse Camping with SMCHA
      07/19/2019 Pony Club D-Camp - 20 paddocks reserved (see notes re location)
      07/18/2019 Public Meetings to discuss public access to Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
      07/17/2019 Public Meetings to discuss public access to Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
      07/16/2019 NO SCCHA MEMBER MEETING this month
      07/13/2019 2019 FIREWORKS ENDURANCE RIDE @ SCCHA
      07/06/2019 Ray Berta Horsemanship Clinic at SCCHA
      07/02/2019 Redwood Riders Board meeting
      06/29/2019 Krista Koenig Clinic June 29/30 2019 at SCCHA
      06/28/2019 Junior Program Meeting - Grooming and bandaging with LIVE horses!
      06/22/2019 Redwood Riders at SCCHA (Big Arena reserved)
      06/18/2019 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
      06/18/2019 PVHC Kids Camp - Private Event at SCCHA
      06/14/2019 MBE Poker Ride & Obstacle Competition @ SCCHA
      06/07/2019 Linda Tellington Jones Three Day Clinic at Rancho Ruiz, Gilroy CA
      06/04/2019 Redwood Riders Board meeting
      05/31/2019 PONY CLUB TETRATHALON
      05/21/2019 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
      05/19/2019 2019 Folsom Lake Mounted Patrol Trail Trials
      05/18/2019 Two Day Introduction to Endurance Clinic - at Harvey Bear Park San Martin
      05/17/2019 Junior Program Meeting - MOVIE NIGHT
      05/11/2019 Fox 'n Horn Horse Show - Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, Watsonville
      05/10/2019 De Spooking Clinic and Equine Confidence Course at White Rock Ranch, Watsonville
      05/09/2019 Western States Horse Expo at Murieta Equestrian Center, Sacramento CA
      05/07/2019 Redwood Riders Board meeting
      05/04/2019 Ride for Relay 2019 at SCCHA
      04/27/2019 Wilderness Patrol / Mounted Assistance Unit meeting
      04/27/2019 SCCHA WORK DAY
      04/25/2019 Buck Brannaman Clinic - at Carmel Valley Trail and Saddle Club
      04/19/2019 Junior Program Meeting - Guest Speaker Cori Phinn, DVM
      04/16/2019 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
      04/12/2019 Woodside Schooling Shows Kickoff Happy Hour at the Horse Park at Woodside
      03/30/2019 Santa Cruz Equine Evac Unit Training
      03/19/2019 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
      03/15/2019 Junior Program Meeting - Horse Behavior
      03/10/2019 Resource Conservation District/Fire Safe Council Workshop
      03/03/2019 CPR Class with instruction by Felton Fire at SCCHA Clubhouse
      02/19/2019 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
      02/15/2019 Junior Program Meeting - Game Night
      01/29/2019 Public Input on Castle Rock roads and trails
      01/18/2019 Junior Meeting - Horse Conformation at SCCHA
      01/15/2019 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
      12/14/2018 SCCHA Juniors Holiday Party at SCCHA Clubhouse
      12/13/2018 Cotoni-Coast Dairies public access workshop at Bonny Doon Elementary School
      12/08/2018 Dig Day at Wilder Ranch State Park
      12/06/2018 The Mountain Lions of the Santa Cruz Mountains - at Santa Cruz Bicycles
      12/04/2018 Cotoni-Coast Dairies public access workshop at Louden Nelson
      11/16/2018 TTouch for You and your Horse - 3 Day Clinic with Linda Tellington Jones in Gilroy CA
      11/13/2018 Redwood Riders General Meeting at SCCHA
      11/08/2018 Community Meeting on CEMEX DRAFT Restoration and Reuse Plan - in DAVENPORT
      10/28/2018 Halloween Gymkhana at Boulder Creek Stables
      10/27/2018 Remembering Karen - at SCCHA
      10/21/2018 Diablo Foothills Open Weekends - 6280 Canada Rd., Gilroy
      10/19/2018 Junior Meeting at SCCHA
      10/16/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
      10/13/2018 Woodside Day of the Horse
      10/05/2018 Painted Horses Art Show at MichaelAngelo Gallery
      09/21/2018 Sandi Parker Clinic - Principles to Purpose at SCCHA
      09/18/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month) at SCCHA
      09/10/2018 Carmel Area State Parks (CASP) General Info Meeting
      09/03/2018 Bay Area Ridge Riders at SCCHA
      08/25/2018 Redwood Riders at SCCHA
      08/21/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month)
      08/20/2018 Gymkhana Play Evening at SCCHA
      08/11/2018 Ray Berta Horsemanship Clinic
      07/19/2018 Bay Area Savvy Players
      07/17/2018 No SCCHA MEMBER MEETING in July
      07/14/2018 2018 FIREWORKS ENDURANCE RIDE
      07/07/2018 Clinic by Jec Ballou at LOARC
      06/23/2018 Redwood Riders
      06/19/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month)
      06/17/2018 Junior Vaulting club
      06/16/2018 KRISTA KOENIG CLINIC #1
      06/02/2018 Endurance 201 Clinic at Harvey Bear Park/QSER
      06/02/2018 Pony Club "Tetrathlon Rally"
      05/26/2018 Felton Remembers Parade
      05/20/2018 Junior Program Introductory Meeting
      05/15/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month)
      05/04/2018 Ride for Relay 2018
      04/17/2018 SCCHA MEMBER MEETING (3rd Tues each month)
      04/07/2018 Cancelled due to RAIN - SCCHA WORK DAY
      03/17/2018 CANCELLED: Santa Cruz Obstacle Challenge & Clinic
      02/17/2018 Santa Cruz Pony Club Meet
      12/13/2017 Mounted Horse Patrol Holiday Party
      12/10/2017 SCCHA Holiday Party
      11/18/2017 Krista Koenig Clinic (Clinic date changed due to rain)
      10/27/2017 Ricky Quinn Horsemanship Clinic
      10/27/2017 CANCELLED: Vaquero Clinic with Jeff Sanders
      10/11/2017 Mounted Horse Patrol Meeting
      09/29/2017 CAMP CUT LOOSE
      09/21/2017 CSHA Trail Trials Statewide Competition
      09/14/2017 Buster McLaury Clinic
      08/26/2017 Quicksilver Endurance Riders Trail Ride & Camping
      08/26/2017 (copy) Redwood Riders
      08/18/2017 TriCity Horsemens
      08/09/2017 (copy) Mounted Horse Patrol Meeting
      08/04/2017 LOS VIAJEROS
      07/28/2017 PONY CLUB D-CAMP
      07/20/2017 BAY AREA SAVAY
      07/01/2017 SUMMIT RIDERS
      06/24/2017 Redwood Riders
      06/16/2017 KRISTA KOENIG CLINIC
      06/01/2017 Donate for "Horse Crazy" Sculpture
      05/20/2017 Ride For Relay
      05/06/2017 SCCHA Showgrounds Work Day
      04/23/2017 Introduction to Endurance Riding Clinic
      04/15/2017 SCCHA OPEN HOUSE
      03/21/2017 SCCHA Member Meeting
      03/15/2017 Volunteer for the Fireworks Ride!
      02/21/2017 MEMBER MEETING CANCELLED 2/21
      12/15/2016 Horse Patrol Holiday Meeting
      12/04/2016 SCCHA Holiday Party
      11/15/2016 Membership Meeting
      11/04/2016 Krista Koenig Clinic
      10/29/2016 Santa Clara Horsemen's Association
      10/18/2016 Membership Meeting
      09/22/2016 Buster McClaury Clinic
      09/16/2016 Camp Cut Loose
      08/27/2016 August Membership Meeting
      08/27/2016 Endurance 101 Clinic
      08/05/2016 Bay Area Savvy Players
      07/29/2016 Krista Koenig Clinic
      06/25/2016 District 9 Gymkana
      05/21/2016 May 21 Spring Clean up day CANCELLED
      05/07/2016 Ride for Relay
      04/23/2016 Spring Clean-up Workday at the Showgrounds April 23rd
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